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The WiSo Faculty's international profile

Internationalisation for all stakeholders is a core value of the Cologne Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo Faculty). As a founding member of CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education, the Faculty has been living up to this value since 1988. We are proud to provide our students and faculty with an outstanding network of excellent partner schools around the world, enabling and facilitating international exchange for both research and teaching. Since 2012, the WiSo Faculty has joined the list of EQUIS accredited business schools. 

In this regard, our objectives are:

  • To generate a rich and consistent flow of high-quality, relevant research contributions to top international journals that have an impact on the research agenda of the international scientific community
  • To educate and train internationally competitive graduates who bring their employers advanced knowledge and well-developed problem solving capabilities, and who are prepared for independent life-long learning


Excellent research performance

# 3 German Faculties for Economics (Handelsblatt ranking 2015), # 4 German Faculties for Business Administration (Handelsblatt ranking 2014)

Adding together the points from the Handelsblatt research ranking for Economics in 2014 and for Business Administration in 2015, the WiSo Faculty is currently the leading German research institute (154 points).

High success of graduates among HR managers of Germany's major companies

# 3 German Faculty for Economics, # 4 German Faculty for Business Administration and for Information Systems (Wirtschaftswoche rankings 2016)

# 25 Value for money (Financial Times 'Masters in Management' ranking 2016)

# 66 Financial Times 'Masters in Management' ranking (2016)

# 151-200 Academic Ranking of World Universities (University of Cologne) (second place in Germany) (2015)

# 170 Times Higher World University Ranking (University of Cologne) (2016-2017)