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ERASMUS+ programme for internships

The ERASMUS+ programme offers financial support for internships abroad in Europe. Students who are going on an internship for at least two months and whose salary does not exceed a certain amount are qualified to apply for the programme. The terms and conditions for ERASMUS internship funding coordinated by the ZIB WiSo have been updated, now also offering students with higher salaries the opportunity for ERASMUS+ funding. 

For more information, please visit the ERASMUS+ programme information page. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact:


New partnerships with East Anglia University and Aarhus University

From the academic year 2018/19 on, the Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences and the University of East Anglia will be available for an exchange term within the STAP programme. Details on who can apply can be found via the WiSo EXchange (WEX) International Outgoings Portal.

Aarhus University is a young, modern university located in the idyllic city of Aarhus, Denmark. Established in 1928, it has grown to become Denmark's largest university and one of the top-ranked graduate schools worldwide. As a student at Aarhus University you will become part of an international study environment characterised by research excellence and innovation: more than 12 per cent of students are international, with more than 120 nationalities represented.

Located in the vibrant city of Norwich, the University of East Anglia is home to over 15,000 students from all over the world. Founded in 1963, East Anglia has become most famous for its research quality: The university ranks amongst the world's top institutions for research excellence with 82 per cent of the university's research qualified as 'world-leading'. Broaden your horizon in a supportive environment, with leading academic specialists and access to exceptional research resources.


Advice sessions for freemovers

The ZIB WiSo offers advice sessions for freemovers, i.e. students who organise their term abroad themselves, every Monday, 2 pm – 4 pm. Further details can be found here.


WEX International Outgoings Portal

The WiSo EXchange (WEX) International Outgoings Portal offers detailed information on partner universities, freemover options and international study and exchange programmes. After logging in using your student or university email account, it is possible to search via applicant group, university or region. Applications to international programmes are also handled via the portal. More information on how to use the portal can be found here.